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We just love to entertain!

Everyone loves ice cream, but there are more ways to enjoy this sweet treat besides the traditional scoop and cone. Thai rolled ice cream -- named after the distinctive rolled shape of the ice cream -- first originated in Southeast Asia and has long been a popular dessert throughout the region. It only just started becoming available in other countries around the world like the United States, so now you can enjoy this globe-trotting treat on hot Santa Fe summer days!

How does it work? Our ice cream is made-to-order seconds after you choose one of our fun and delicious flavors. We start by combining our house vanilla custard and our handcrafted flavors onto an “anti-griddle” frozen stainless pan. We then blend the ingredients together on the pan until they start to solidify, which happens within seconds. Once we have a solid mound, we flatten the mixture onto the pan to eliminate any trapped air bubbles, which allows for a richer and fresher taste.


Then the grand finale: after the mixture is completely flattened onto the anti-griddle, we use a spatula to scrape the ice cream from the surface of the pan into the shape of four ice cream rosettes! A treat for the eyes and the mouth, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your Freezie Fresh rolled ice cream pics!


It's what's on the inside that counts

Before opening Freezie Fresh, owner Xzavian Cookbey didn’t have any experience in the culinary world. But he did know one thing: that he loved ice cream and that he wanted to share that love and passion with others by adapting his favorite drinks or confections into unique ice cream flavors. Thus the idea for Freezie Fresh was born.


Opened in 2016, Freezie Fresh started out as an ice cream cart and was known as the Solana Center Ice Cream Cart. Then, in 2018, Freezie Fresh partnered with local automotive collective Tuner Punk, working with members Owen Gray and Brendan Bryne to take things to the next level by transforming the cart into a food truck. The resulting truck -- painted in eye-catching turquoise with white trim -- can now be found selling its famous rolled ice cream at Meow Wolf and other events all over Santa Fe.

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